Workshop Booking – The Art of Mindfulness & Self-compassion: An Introductory Workshop for Adults

➡ Sunday 22 December

➡ Magazino Hall, Valletta Waterfront

➡ During Eco Christmas

➡ 2.30pm-4pm

➡ by Janet Falzon

➡ Participation Fee: Eur 12 per person. Limited seats available and pre-booking is recommended. Please fill in the below form to book your seat.

Amidst the chaos of daily life and the festive season, this down-to-earth workshop combines ancient Eastern wisdom and science to help participants live a healthier, happier and calmer life.

Hundreds of thousands of research papers have linked mindfulness and self-compassion to reduced levels of stress and anxiety; increased happiness and zest for life; improved focus, sense of control, and communication skills; enhanced relationships with self and others; better management of chronic health conditions, and much more.

What will the workshop includes:
* A brief interactive talk where the myths of mindfulness and self-compassion are busted and their origins, uses and scientifically proven benefits are outlined
* Practical tips to introduce mindfulness and self-compassion in daily life
* A simple guided meditation suitable for adults of all ages, fitness levels and religious denominations
* A group activity
* Short pauses for reflection
* A quick introduction of upcoming scientifically-proven mindfulness and self-compassion training programmes

Additional Information:
* No experience is required to attend; an open heart and open mind will do.
* Busy minds and restless bodies are welcome.
* Loose-fitting and comfortable clothing is recommended.
This workshop has been designed and will be delivered by Janet Falzon, a registered psychologist and pioneering professionally trained teacher of mindfulness and self-compassion in Malta. Janet works with children and adults of all ages including those living with chronic health conditions such as anxiety and depression, chronic pain, neurodegenerative conditions, neurodiversity, stroke and amputation. She also works with those who simply want to tap into their inner resources of learning, growing and healing.

Warning! Janet’s passion for life, mindfulness and self-compassion is contagious … You have been warned 😊

This Christmas give yourself the gift of presence and connection. We’ll see you there 💟

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