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On a daily basis, we are exposed to harmful chemicals and pollution that are damaging to our health in the long term. Unfortunately, this exposure to toxins is even in our homes. Chemicals and various toxins are found in paint, furniture, appliances and the most obvious, our cleaning products that we use each and every single day. 

This workshop will introduce you to the therapeutic and cleaning benefits of pure essential oils. You will learn about natural cleaning agents. You will learn how to make your own cleaning product and take it home with you. 
During this quick introduction to natural and green cleaning, you will have the tools to reduce chemical exposure in your home, reduce your plastic waste and create a safer home environment for you and your family simply from making ONE simple change: your cleaning products. 
After the workshop, you will receive the workshop handout including a number of easy to follow recipes for all your cleaning needs so that you can continue to experiment and discover natural solutions in your home. 
This workshop is open to everyone of all ages. Children must be accompanied by their guardians. 

Workshop fee: Eur 13 per person

Cost of workshop includes: 

Digital Version: Handout & Recipes for you to keep.

Cleaning product including a reusable non-plastic spray bottle.

About your Hosts:

Hannah Cremona

Hannah is a blogger, freelance marketer and content writer for conscious brands. Through her blog, Naturally Hannah, she helps others make sustainable and natural choices to lead an empowered and natural lifestyle. Thanks to the introduction of essential oils and exploring natural ways of cleaning Hannah has overcome respiratory infections she used to suffer from very frequently. This gave her the confidence to empower others to make small impactful changes in their home that would greatly benefit them, their families, the environment and the dedicated sustainable farmers across the globe.  

Luke Vella

Luke is a Wellness Advocate for DoTERRA, an international essential oil company. Through his blog, Mr Sprout, he educates and empowers others to utilise the wondrous benefits of essential oils – gifts from the earth –  to lead a healthy and empowered lifestyle. 

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