Wasp. Emporium

Wasp. Emporium specializes in handmade Eco-friendly products made out of bamboo and other sustainable wood and organic materials. The range of products include reusable straws, cutlery sets, wooden spoons, coconut bowls, rattan bags and homewares.


The idea to bring environmental friendly products to Malta sparkled while Dana Carmont and Terry Bellerby, owners of Wasp., were living in Bali. Having traveled around Bali they got to venture into remote places and visit villages where locals made so many amazing products. One that captured their attention was a family who hand crafted bamboo straws.


Terry, having a strong passion for the environment, immediately realized the big difference these re-usable, natural and biodegradable bamboo straws can do to help the environment by replacing them with the single use ones.


The couple has been since working with this village family who produce the straws. Business has been busy and that helped the village family to grow their small enterprise. All Wasp. Emporium products are therefore handmade and fair trade.

Wasp. is located in Hamrun and opens 3 times a week: Thursday Aperitivo Night 6-10pm €2 wine and €5 cheese boards; Friday Wine & Dine 7-11pm fine wine and cheese platters; Saturday’s events night. Wasp. is also available to host private events.


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