The Team

We are a group of environmentally conscious individuals on a mission to remind everyone that we all have the power to make the world a better place and show them how easy and rewarding it is.

Zen D’Amato Gautam FOUNDER AND CEO

Zen engages in inspiring others towards a more sustainable way of life. The desire to leave a better world for her daughters and future generations is her driving force. She is a qualified Hotel Director and Events Manager and worked in the 5 star industry for 20 years. Her passions are discovering new corners of the Earth, books, and gazing skywards.


A creative with many talents in design, photography and social media, Aprille is also the adventurous one with a huge passion for water and outdoor sports. When she is not riding the waves or climbing rocks, she will be at her cozy boutique studio in Gozo, Swell Studio, where she specializes in an eco-friendly screen printing technique.

Annalise Duca IT / WEB DEVELOPER

From a very young age, Annalise knew that she wanted a career in IT. Her passion for technology led her to graduate with honors in Computing and then read for a Business Management higher diploma. Annalise is a pioneer in the local female IT scene and she works to inspire and encourage women to join this sector. She was recently involved in a startup called Ismart; an inclusive app for students with learning difficulties.


Majbritt is to go-to-person for any question or doubts about sustainability. She is very environmentally-focused and is a zero-waste living influencer. She obtained a masters in European politics, economics and law, and has worked on circular economic projects including the World Economic Forum in Davos. She is a co-founder of non-profit organisation ACT.


Amanda’s gift is inspiring people to think creatively and make a positive impact in the world. As a conscious and creative entrepreneur, she has run various sustainable businesses involving upcyling, vegan catering and holistic well-being. She runs an active online community focusing on using creativity to solve social, environmental and economic challenges.


Susanna is a convinced supporter of a minimalistic lifestyle, with an intristic eye for detail, event planning abilities, and great people skills. She speaks 6 languages and loves to dedicate her time to volunteering projects where she can get insights into new and different realities. She recently resumed studying to pursue her education further.

Rebecca Lequerré CSR CONSULTANT

Rebecca is a former Eco Market’s Erasmus Plus intern; and now a qualified CSR consultant who also works for several renowed companies in her home country, France. She is passionate about circular economy projects, and the power of social media to help spread awaress about the climate change, and the solutions to adapt and mitigate.

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