Sanya is Malta’s first spa specifically created with Eco-friendly and sustainable values. When you visit Sanya whether it is to enjoy a massage, visit their spa or join a yoga class…you can feel extra happy to know that you are supporting a business which promotes and uses sustainable products. 

Here are some of their Eco-friendly practices;

  • The  Juice bar serves only plant-based meals, and uses only plastic free take-away packaging. In fact they were awarded a Gold Certification by Sustainable Eats & Treats
  • They grow their own sprouts in house
  • Their main vegetable supplier is 100% organic and only 7km away.
  • They use natural massage oils and sustainably sourced essential oils for their treatments
  • Their beauty clinic uses nail polish free from the top 12 most toxic chemicals. 
  • Their shop has a range of eco-friendly and organic products. 
  • They use non-toxic cleaning materials.
  • They frequently hosts workshops and classes of interest such as; how to grow your own sprouts, fermenting foods, transitioning to vegetarianism, make your own chocolate, make your own skin care products etc

Sanya’s mission is to not only help people live more healthy and harmonious lives on the outside, but perhaps more importantly they guide people on how to find inner happiness and fulfillment. 

They believe that without creating happiness and harmony on the inside, we will never truly create a sustainable and harmonious world on the inside. 

For that you can find a lot of interesting programs such as; 2 week Stress Detox, 3 month Holistic Weight Loss program, Yoga and Meditation classes , Yoga Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings and so much more.

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