Rebels with a Cause

We at Rebels With A Cause are highly aware that our products are the WHAT to many people’s WHY’s and the WHY is very clear to us, we want to protect our planet. We believe that every little helps no matter how big or small your resources are. For this reason, we work on providing people with as many different alternatives to plastic as we possibly can. Our products are mostly 100% biodegradable AND backyard compostable, not only the product itself but also the packaging. Most of our products are made of bamboo, which is the ultimate example of sustainability, it grows very fast, is irrigated naturally by mountain water and doesn’t require pesticides to grow.


We take pride in our products, we know our clients expect the highest of quality with special care to the process, which needs to be Eco-friendly, sustainable, fair and kind to animals. We oversee the whole manufacturing process of our products and help our manufacturers make the changes needed to be more Eco-friendly.

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We know that our products become a reflection of the people who use them and for this reason, we are continually researching ways to improve existing Rebels with A Cause products and develop new ones with the highest of standards.

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