Hames Sensi

Hames Sensi is a pioneer store that has introduced several sustainable practices in Malta. They specialize in beauty, health and household products that are made from organic ingredients and materials, without the harmful use of pesticides or synthetic chemicals. Their main focus is towards helping the environment so you will not find anything which contains dairy, meat, eggs or palm oil.


Sonia Sano’ Suraci, founder and owner of Hames Sensi, which is situated in Fgura, tells us how she was the first in Malta to introduce the BYOC movement and she further incentives her customers who bring their own container by rewarding them with a 5% discount. Following the positive feedback to this, she then introduced the ‘donate your container’ campaign, where people leave their empty detergent containers for others who need it, thus eliminating useless packaging. Their Eco-friendly habits transpire also in the re-use and re-cycle of other material, such as wood shredding for hampers, bubble-wrap for fragile items and use of compostable cups and cutlery during events.


The most popular section in the store is the zero-waste and plastic free items, including mesh bags, bamboo toothbrushes, toothpaste tablets, toilet paper and kitchen rolls made from recycled paper and packed in compostable wrap. Recently Hames Sensi teamed up with Go.To Malta, to effect her shopping deliveries with their electric cars.


Sonia comments on how impossible it is to live without plastic in our current lifestyle, however reducing and choosing alternative options when possible is already a meaningful change. Change is a process, but the important thing is to be aware and make one step at a time.


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