Getting to know the vendors

Here you find the complete list of all 45 stalls that you will find at the Christmas Green Fair 💚🎄🎁

Fibers Art

Hi, my name is Renata. I create items using crocheting and macrame techniques. I love to experiment with different patterns, techniques and materials. I work with different types of fibers. From thin waxed yarn to make micro macrame jewelry to thick cotton or polyester cord to make home decor and fashion accesories. 

I create items that are unique, stylish, practical and can be used for different purposes. 

This handbag can hold many essential items for woman – from wallet and makeup, to lunch box and a favourite book. It’s made from strong polyster cord and is machine washable. €35.
A potted indoor plant is a great Christmas gift choice. Not only it is kind to the planet, but it means that the receiver will find joy in the gift for a long time. These crochet plant pots can also be used as storage baskets and they are machine washable. €10.
This macrame plant hanger is made with a repurposed horse brass plague that was originally used for the decoration of horse harness gear. Plant holder is made using wood ring, horse brass and cotton cord. €30.

Handmade by Alina

My name is Alina, I moved to Malta 1 year ago and here I decided to develop my hobby that recently became a small business along with my career as a veterinarian. I’d like to talk about how my products are sustainable and environmentally friendly:

  • Some of the products created are made from plaster which is natural, 100 % biodegradable and non-toxic for people or environment.
  • For my resin products I use 50% bio-based resin
  • My products have no plastic packaging
  • The scrap materials are recycled into other products, nothing is wasted 
  • I use recycled cardboard for jewelry supports 
  • I try to use the best and qualitative materials to create long lasting products
Chistmas gift box in 2 sizes containing 1 resin keychain, 2 pairs of polymer clay earrings, one Christmas themed and one with flowers and a plaster teddybear. All handmade. Big box €60 / small box €45.
Christmas themed plaster jewelry boxes in two different shapes in green or bright orange. Small box €20 / big box. €25.
Butterfly jewellery set with a necklace and matching pair of earrings made with resin and silver. €30

Burlesque Candles

Burlesque Candles are handmade in Malta from unique blends of exotic fruits, flowers and spices. The scents are made using natural essential oils and candle fragrances and are triple-scented, so the aromas are intense, yet not overpowering. All packaging is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly and all the ingredients and materials are non-toxic.

Cadles are the perfect way to unwind and de-stress at home, but if you prefer, we also have diffusers, wax melts as well as car diffusers. We have over 12 scents – check them out! 

Home Diffuser – Bella Rae –
Lavender & Mint Regular (150ml with 3/4 months duration) €28 /
Large (250ml with 5/6 months duration) €35
Candle: Ivy May – Pomegranate and Cassis (Blackcurrant)
Large (300ml) €28 /
Medium (200ml) €21.50 /
Small (100ml) €14
Car diffuser: Miss Baker – Oakmoss & Amber
Our diffusers are made with the same natural intense fragrances that are used in our candles. €12.

Klowi Bowi

Klowi Bowi started as a hobby in 2019. I purchased my first embroidery machine and did some cushions for Easter to gift them to family members! I use both a sewing and an embroidery machine to produce personalised handmade items, such as cushions, personalised baby items, blankets, embroidered towels, tea towels, aprons, tote bags and more. What makes all these items stand out is the fact that they are personalised and handmade from scratch, using mostly cotton fabrics. I do all the sewing myself; and design the item using a special software on my computer. I also try to come up with innovative ideas of how to re-use any material such as buttons, beads and ribbons that I already own.

Baby set – matching cushion, bath towel, and soft toy with baby details and matching embroidered designs. Price: Cushio €45. Bath Towel €20. Teddy Rattle €15.
Personalized apron with a pair of matching oven mitts. Price: April €20. Mitts €16.
Handmade sensory dece with different sensory activities, each designed to stimulate the child’s inquisitive mind. It comes personalised with name. Price €45.

Jo’s Delights

Jo’s Delights was established in 2015 in a humble home kitchen. Fast forward to present day, Jo’s Delights became synonymous with wholesome, clean and honest vegan, gluten-free desserts and much more. We proudly choose Organic and Fair Trade ingredients, which soundly resonate to our ethos. As business gained traction, we have gradually invested in making Jo’s Delights more environment friendly and invested in eco-friendly measures. A PV panels system generates
about 80% of our power requirements. Improvements to plumbing in order to make better use of rainwater. While keeping the use of disposable plastic to a bare minimum, all our packaging is biodegradable and compostable. Furthermore, all detergents are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Vegan Baileys, made with fresh home-pressed almond milk and authentic Irish Whiskey. 250ml returnable glass bottle €6.50
Fermented Nut Cheese in various flavours. Vegan. 80g €8.
Almond & Morello Cherry Sponge Cake with almond cream. Vegan. €40

Paint the World Tour

Elena is an Italian born artist who is undertaking her Paint The World Tour on a sailboat. With over 50 countries traveled she has a unique and broad perspective of people, culture, and their history. The Architecture of these countries has particularly fascinated her, as she recognizes how these buildings distinguish and reflect each culture as a whole. The uniqueness of Elena’s art is that she paints these rich historic buildings on Driftwood boards found in her travels. With her recent arrival in Malta, you can look forward to her lastest inspirations in the new Malta Collection. 

I.Cilia, Hamrun, Malta
Acrylic on Driftwood – Original
36 x 25 x 2 cm
Vittoriosa, Malta
Acrylic on Driftwood – Original
27 x 25 x 2 cm
West Street, La Valetta, Malta
Acrylic on Driftwood – Original
65 x 19 x 2 cm

Crafty Affair by Rosa

Crafty Affair by Rosa started out as a hobby in 2020, when I wanted different plant pots for my indoor plants but did not find any of my liking, so decided to do them myself with concrete. After a lot of tests and modifications I came up with a formula that managed to overcome the issue of expanding and cracking when exposed to heat, which is frankly a big problem here on the island. My list of products includes plant pots, wall clocks, table lamps, candle holders, jewellery trays, figurines, incense stick holders and much more. All my items are unique, personalised and made from premium, reinforced, sustainable, waterproof and weatherproof concrete.

Vase and clock set 
Vase: €25
Clock: €25
Base: €20
Candle holder: €5
Plant pot collection
Round 15cm x 12cm: €35
Hexagon 15cm x 8cm: €30
Square/Round small 6.5cm x 7cm: €10 
Table lamp – including bulb: €75
Coasters: €5 each


SJS Hartons is a family-run online store for beverages, cleaning and personal care products that does things sustainably and ethically.

We are on a mission to help people make conscious buying decisions that safeguard the environment, by offering products which cause as little harm as possible when used and disposed of.

Our range consists of Dutch craft-beers which are vegan and organic, inculding ‘Oedipus’ (of which we are exclusive importers), plant-based detergents from the ‘Frosch’ and ‘Eco-max’ brands, as well as reusable and plastic-free toiletries.

Thai Thai: A Tripel unlike any other you’ve tried before. Combining galangal root, coriander, chili pepper and orange peel, it’s a complete Thai dish in a glass. €2.95
Polyamorie: Lovely blend of a Berliner WeiBe and a US style Pale Ale with a sour mango taste. €2.90 
Dodo: A classic American style that drinks like a pilsner but tastes like an IPA. €2.69

Dazzled Collection

Hi, I am  Josianne Calleja owner of Dazzled Collections Handmade Jewellery. I have started my crafting journey since a very young age, however since 2015 I started exploring various techniques in jewellery making and have worked various pieces using polymer clay and stainless steel. The aim is that if making pieces of jewellery that will last. We all know that accessories that are of poor quality end up in our environment, and whilst they are used only for a short while, they will harm the environment for a much longer period. I repurpose jewellery parts and focus on detail, whilst at the same time providing different styles to meet different tastes.   Lately I have started a course in Filigree making and here I also focus in repurposing and reusing silver. I also focus on packing my products in sustainable and environment friendly packaging! 

The green bunch: A gorgeous light weight pair of earrings made from polymer clay and feature a mix of 3 colours together with a dash of gold Ear pins are all stainless stelle. €20
Delilah: Cute and lovely pair with a dainty finish. It features stainless steel ear pins and a cute light catching charm. They are very lightweight and would accompany every style perfectly. €18.50
The druzy: A must have! Meticulously curated, each having a small bit of polymer clay to create a druzy-effect. Very lightweight polymer clay earrings. €18.

CORE GREEN: Organic + Fairtrade

A green conscious business set up to offer the best organic, fairtrade, vegan, ethical and natural products – food, drinks, personal care products & eco cleaners. We raise awareness through our work. This is a work of love.

Zotter chocolate: €4.50
Oun drinks: Hand-crafted organic craft drinks (organic apple juice based) of choice for the health-conscious generation. No added sugar or sweetners. Suitable for Vegans. Without rpeservatives or artificial flavors. €2.50
Natural, organic, biodynamic vegan wines. €13.95

Arcane Fragments

Arcane Fragments is a fantasy inspired brand. Our designs are made in Malta and made to empower. Each pendant has a story, to be interpreted by the wielder’s imagination. We take pride in making original and unique pieces, in high quality and durable materials. We use organic pre-historic bones and hand-sculpted designs to create our jewellery pieces.

The Intoxicator – Model X in Silver
Designed to fit all regular-shaped alcohol bottles. All cast materials are FDA approved and BPA free. Flow can be fine0tuned by adjusting the air inlet valve at the back of the dispenser. €145
The Field Creeper. Dimensions H 36mm, W 44mm, D 24mm. Weight 14.7g. Stainless steel chain included. Comes in Black or Silver. €26
Ashkra. Dimensions H 46mm, W 25mm, D 26mm. Weight 14.7g. Stainless steel chain included. Comes in Black or Silver. €26

Vidal Pottery

I am what they called a thrower (ceramic maker). I am also a full-time student studying Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Before I launched my brand I used to work as a professional thrower at the  Ta` Qali Crafts Village. My products are made from 100% natural material called clay (stone ware). The process has zero waste, because clay can be recycled before it goes into the kiln and used again. The colour used for each item is called glaze, it’s made of raw material such as glass and pigments, this makes the (“paint”) glaze infuses into the clay and create a shiny or matt surface. The ceramic products are durable in any type of temperature.

Mug €15
Pair of pots. Mr and Mrs claus. €65
Set of 4 Noodle bowls. €48

Sew Crafty

Having always been an avid crafter, Covid gave me the push to be more creative and indepdent and therefore launched Sew Crafty. I started doing face masks and various personalised gifts and home decor, such as decorative cushions, birth announcement cushions, baby blankets, memory cushions, embroidered towels and our best-selling reading cushions.  Whilst embroidery is done by machine, we do all the sewing by hand and often use embellishments to make our products even more unique. We take your requests as a challenge and love experimenting with new techniques and creating innovative products.

Personalised reading cushion – €30
Baby blanket & cushion set – €85
Monogram hand towels – €12.50 each


Grejbels is a brand that focuses on a mix of class and homemade goodness when it comes to delicious treats. We bring you the sweetest Strawberry Jams and the most delicious Orange Marmalade, so good that their only comparison is our mix of butter cookies that are to die for. Our packaging has been chosen for easy reusability and recycling to ensure it is as environmentally friendly as can be to help our planet against pollution. Our products are a love language to the idea that the sweetest and most delicious foods can be vegan, which is why our products are made without animal by-products.

Why not indulge in our delicious treats, carefully orchestrated to be good for the environment, animal life, and especially for your taste buds! There’s no shame in our products!

Big butter biscuit box €6.25, Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies €8.45, Mixed Cookie Box €5.45
Strawberry Jam: €4.35 (300ml), €3.25 (100ml)
Orange Marmalade: €4.50 (300ml), €3.50 (100ml)

Get Thrifty

My name is Nicole and I’ve always had a passion for fashion. But I realized how unsustainable fast fashion nowadays, how much waste we produce when we buy that nice top or dress from a fast fashion top. So I decided to start doing my part and go green! I now resell vintage clothing , preloved clothing and even dead stock clothing at great prices while saving them from going to landfills!

Beautiful pink River Island dress – never worn – Size 12- €18
Amazing vintage dress in perfect condition – Size 38 – €30
Red crop top – never worn – Size XS – €7

Sue’s Jewels

Sue carefully sources her gemstones and different fittings from environmentally aware and ethical suppliers, making sure that each pieces of her luxury jewellery is a beautiful final product derived from and created with love and care! 

Dragonfly Necklace €65
Moonphase Necklace €39
Dragonfly Bracelet €39

Happy Pot

Introducing the Happy Pot – like a pot, but happy. By happy we mean three things: It is 3D printed using sustainable raw materials for the PLA filament which is derived from bioplastics. Second, it is fully customisable with 14 base colours to choose from, and a nifty feature that allows you to upload an image of your choice to be printed as your custom badge – be it company logos, crests, you name it! Third is the Happy Community; our way of giving back to society. Every pot sold is a tree planted, but beyond that we shall be undergoing our own green initiatives; such as beach cleanups and sustainable tree-planting, and look forward to many Happy collaborations

Large 6L at €35
Medium 3L at €25
Small 0.5L at€15

Be Chocolate and More

In Belgium, we have a local craft industry and a chocolate heritage which we want to share with the general public. We are always looking for excellence and finesse and open to discovering new flavours. Our chocolates come with the guarantee of high-quality cocoa beans from all over the world; from Ecuador to Vietnam to Africa. The chocolatiers choose the rarest beans to develop all the flavours in original chocolate with a unique taste. At the origin of the taste, there is the bean and all the work that lets all its flavours explode. From roasting to conching, here is the birth of the aromas of each of these creations.

Gift box of 16 pralines mixed tastes from D’Origine Chocolattier €21
Gift box of 6 snack bars mixed tastes from Gout Fou €30
Biscuits old-fashion, comes in 17 different tastes €6.75

Ann Hidden Art

In AnnHiddenArt we are all about how to make art practical. We notice our needs and see if we can make on our own the products that we need. This is also something that we teach on our workshops. We are still changing and so are our crafts. This year we are coming to you with warm headbands, handmade from 100% normal wool or 100% merino wool, bottle bags made from recycled cotton and several other comfy and colourful things.

Bottle bags €15
Woolen Headbands €15
Bottle bags €15

Mud ‘n Lace

Mud ‘n Lace is a Boutique WebShop offering a variety of items to suit your various needs – handy items, fun products, giftware, essentials and accessories. Our ECO products are carefully and ethically sourced, and many are carefully hand-crafted and come from poorer countries and small family businesses. We want you to have ‘feel good’ vibes when you buy our products, knowing that we are doing our part for a better environment.  We are set to make a difference, one item at a time

Recycled Jute and Cotton Rug. Fair trade. 150csm (4.7kg) €86
Hati-Hati Angel Guardian. Made from sustainable hard wood. 15cms/20cms €16.48
Natural felt pouch with finger puppets. 16cs x 11.5csm €8.75


My name is Tiziana, founder and owner of Bettiwears, Malta’s first online pre-loved fashion store. Our mission is to inspire people to fall in love with pre-loved fashion and with our planet. We want to give women the opportunity to find amazing pre-loved items of fashion and to sell their unwanted items in well-kept condition. At Bettiwears women can find clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from various high street and luxury brands, at a fraction of their original retail price. We do give the opportunity for women to look and feel good without having to spend much on their outfits. We have clothing in sizes ranging from UK4 to UK20.

Holy Wines

Hi, my name is Adrian & probably unlike any other wine importing company, I started “Holy Wines” as a spur of the moment decision. After completing the WSET Level 3 course in wine, I realised that this has become a true passion! 

Holy Wines now represent over 200 different wines from Vinho Verde & the Douro in Portugal, Navarra, Rioja & Yecla in Spain, Rheinhessen & Baden in Germany, Tuscany & Sicily in Italy, Languedoc-Rousillon & Provence in France, Rapel Valley in Chile & the sub-region of Carnuntum in Austria.

This year I am re-use the wooden pallets from the various deliveries and turning them into unique boxes to create wine gift hampers, making them look better and more sustainable. The boxes themselves can be used further as storage boxes.

The Ultimate Box The Ultimate Box Hamper – €133.95
Featuring: Sauvignon Blanc Réserve 2017; Tawny Reserve Port; Le Mas 2015; Golerga 2020; Pumpkin Seed Pesto; Curry-Aioli Pesto; Hemp Seed Pesto; Lemon Thyme Tea Bags; Spearmint Tea Bags; Salpicão de Melgaço; Habanero Chili Mustard; Soalheiro Corkscrew
Holy Box Hamper – €69.95
Featuring: Göttlesbrunn Noble Valley 2018; Fig Mustard; Paprika Pesto; Soalheiro Corkscrew; Lemon Verbena Tea Bags; Pistachio & Rosemary Pesto; Chouriça Carne de Melgaço; Chili-Aioli with Hemp Seeds Pesto
Demuerte Collection (Vegan) – €54.95
Feauturing: Classic 2020; Deluxe 2019; Gold 2020


Cult is a grass roots business bringing you 100% unpasteurised fermented food and drink. Made lovingly by me all by hand using organic and locally grown produce catching wild yeasts and nurturing gut loving microbes in a selection of divine sauerkrauts, sauces and probiotic fizzy drinks. This is slow food at its best bringing you tasty superfood condiments and starters for you to take home to continue the journey yourselves. 

Vegan Kimchi 320ml €7 or 500ml €9
Sunshine sauerkraut made with pineapple, ginger and turmeric 
€7 for 320ml or €9 for 500ml
Fermented chilli sauce €5 for 100ml or €8 for 250ml

Maxtar Food Truck

Hello, I’m Bradley, a chef for the past 11 years. I’ve worked in various catering etablishments and lately I’ve decided to follow my dream of owning a food truck. ‘Maxtar’ refers to the act where someone is eating something passionately – a clear example of what our customers do, with whatever they taste from the food truck.

My mantra revolves around preparing daily fresh food. Thus, I prepare meals using local products, wherever possible. This also grants me the possibility to cater for customers’ dietary needs and preferences. To be more sustainable and avoid using disposabes, I am introducing the #BYOC concept – customers are encouraged to bring their own container and benefit from a discount!

Falafel burger with chickpea patty, tomato jam, caramelised onion and optional cheeselet for non-vegans €8
Smoked shakshuka with toasted croute €8
More food items you’ll find at the Christmas Green Fair: Truffle Arancini €4.50
Spanakopita filo pie pastry €3.50
Beyond burger with guacemole, cabbage and onion slaw in a sesame seed bun €9
Zucchini fritter steam bun €6
Home-made crisps loaded with vegetable curry €4 French fries €2
Kids Menu: Vegan ‘chicken’ nuggets and fries €6
Chai or Gingerbread latte with plant-based milk €3 Cinnamon cappuccino or Hot Chocolate €3

Soroptimist International Malta

Soroptimist International Malta is part of a worldwide organisation of women. We transform the lives and status of women and girls through education, empowerment and enabling opportunities to reach their goals in life.

Our products are made by enthusiastic women working sustainably by upcycling / recycling whatever they have as garment left-over projects or get as clothes donation. SI Malta receives all items as donations and by selling them we are able to support new projects to save and protect our nature here in Malta and abroad.

Apron for Christmas baker. Fits 7-8 years. €8
Heart cushion, with pocket for secret messages. €5
Unique Christmas Cards, hand-stitched with satin thread including envelope. €5


The cute and colourful ice-cream van is back! Ice-cream in November? Why not?

Melt is all about the home-made goodness. Find an incredible list of different ice-cream flavours – from the classics to unusual ones, like the ‘Anise & Mqaret’ ice-cream, which will go down well with our fresh and crunchy home-made churros or imqaret. At the Green Fair we will also be serving a warm cup of spicy chai tea. We also have plant-based ice-cream flavours and are 100% plastic-free.

Home meade churros
Home made mqaret with chai tea
A selection of different ice-cream flavors, with vegan options, and a new Anise & Mqaret flavor!

Grow 10 Trees Project

The ‘Grow10Trees ‘Project  is a voluntary group created to encourage the public to be participative in helping the environment by growing saplings of local trees and plants grown from locally collected seeds, which seeds are shared with the public for free. These saplings will be used for tree planting events around the island. Apart from this we have our own nurseryin B’Kara where we nurture and grow 1000s of local species for the local market.  You can help us by buying trees and plants from us, and you can also gift a few for Christmas instead of the usual stuff. 

At the market we will also have a selection of small hand crocheted items made from cotton as stocking fillers to help us with funding to continue or tree-planting activities..

Lidsan Craftworks

Welcome to Lidsan Craftworks! We specialise in traditional African craftworks hand-made by skilled artisans using only the finest materials. All products are made with love, substainably-sourced and each is a celebration of the rich African culture. Feast your eyes on our wide selection of leather goods, purses, clothing, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, home decorations & seasonal ornaments.

We feature toned-down styling with a focus on fine details as well as bright colourful designs accented with materials native to Africa. Enjoy your time browsing our curated selection and the fine detail of old world traditional craftworks. This is the heart and spirit of Africa and we are proud to share it with you.

Fedora Hats €35
Brass Necklace €35; Brass Bracelet €20;
Brass adjustable ring €15.
Wall hanging bowls on sale at €20 each all sizes.

The Candle Haven

The Candle Haven was founded by Kirsten Mifsud in 2014, the fruit of her passion for candles. Her love for candles and beautiful fragrances started at a young age. When she saw a candlewick burn, her mood instantly changed. Candles provided a peaceful and relaxed ambience, wherever she was. She wanted to share this same experience with others, so she started creating candles and the idea behind The Candle Haven was conceived. Candles interested Kirsten so much that she also started experimenting with different candle recipes and fragrances, in an effort to always improve her final product. The positive feedback from her close relatives and friends encouraged Kirsten greatly to expand and build her business. The biggest leap that Kirsten took throughout this journey, was when she decided to leave her full-time job and solely focus on the passion she has for candles. It wasn’t an easy decision but certainly the best one ever.

Room and linen spray €13 (50ml), €20 (100ml)
Pixie Gift Box with a Christmas fragrance candle and moisturizing cream €23.85
‘Our first Christmas’ Candle 175ml – €11.50

The Huskie Craft Beer Co.

HUSKIE is Malta’s local craft beer brewery located in the outskirts of Qrendi. Our mission is to create high quality beers, to bring people together and share new experiences in taste and aroma.

We brew our beers using the most sustainable methods available to us and we also made the decision early on to ensure our beers are all vegan.

The Huskie mixed 6-pack. Give the gift of Malta in a bottle for just €21. 
The Huskie craft beer range. Available cold on the day for €4.50 a bottle.
Founders Jean & Miguel enjoying a beer at the brewery. 

Banig Collection

Baníg Collection, promoting eco-friendly and sustainable crafts by Filipino artisans and weavers all the way to Malta and to the rest of Europe.

Their humble collection varies from bags, clutches, mats, casual jewlery, accessories.

Black Fresh Water Pearl Hoop Earrings €17
Laptop Face Bag €38
Face Tote Bag €41

Creative Glams

Creative Glams has been running for years. Claudia specialises in personalised and custom gifts for all occasions, mainly weddings and Christmas, her two favorite celebrations!  Claudia’s passion and satisfaction is seeing customers happy about the products that she has made for them. She says ‘ When I come to my workshop in, Mgarr, it doesn’t feel like I’m coming to work. It’s more special than that.
For the past several years, Creative Glams has tried several packing materials to ensure that they are eco-friendly and also serve the purpose of protecting delicate products. Two of the most popular items produced by Claudia are the hand-designed baubles, packed in recyclable cardboard box, and the Light up glass blocks.

Glass baubles €8.55
Acrylic durable baubles €10.35
Wooden Christmas House decoration with lights €24.99

Aloha Crafts

Let me introduce Aloha crafts. We are a (new) small family-run business that focuses on the creation of fun, rustic and recycled home decor. Our best sellers are the fridge magnets that come in various themes; mini frames, driftwood arts and more. Most of the materials that we use in our creations are beachcombed from this beautiful little island. Our goal is to share our creativity with the rest of the world while creating something sustainable and eco-friendly.
So, whether you’re just a traveler passing through, or a resident, getting one of our creations means you will always have a small piece of art representing a memory of Malta.

24 Candle Lab

24 Candle Lab deals with creating scented and therapeutic candles, 100% handcrafted posysoaps and epoxy resin processes such as jewelry and key rings, all customizable on request.

Epoxy coating is one of the most environmentally-friendly methods because it comes from organic plant sources, it is manufactured in a way that releases no bio-hazards to the environment, and when applied as protective coating, it has no contaminants that could endanger the safety of humans and the environment.

We are working towards zero-plastic packaging and implementing other sustainable practices in our business.

Energy candle 100% soy wax, vegan and handmade €10.
Mint scented soap 100% handmade with shea butter €6
Exposy resin keychain with zodiac sign – fully handmade €7


Founded by two sisters, k.arti is a local studio which unifies the beauty of art with their desire to create authentic quality products, specializing in paper goods. Through the experimentation of different mediums, they create hand-drawn and hand painted illustrations which are then transferred to print. All our products are designed and manufactured locally and have no plastic packaging. We ensure that the paper used is made from FSC certified, environmentally-friendly ECF pulp and promote the re-use and re-purpusing of our products to expand their life cycle.

Summer botanical notebooks, A5 sized notebooks with lined or blank pages. The illustrations on the covers were created through the layering of organic patterns and experimentation with transparency in an attempt to convey the temporality found in nature and the feeling that it evokes. Each notebook features a ‘Year at a Glance’ spread and is written in both Maltese and English. €11
2023 Calendar: Made up of botanical illustrations depicting flora found in the Maltese landscape, created from original hand-painted illustrations by k.arti. Each illustration can be trimmed and re-used as a 21x25cm art print. €30
Tote bag: ‘Ix-xemx titla’ u tinżel ghal kulħadd’ (The sun rises and sets for everyone). 100% cotton tote bag in a neutral colour featuring four minimal screen printed illustrations inspired by a Maltese-provideb depicting moments taken in the local context. €13

Tara Lois Jewellery

My jewellery is proof that you can make yourself and the planet beautiful. Now you can express your unique confidence and creativity without compromising on sustainability. Think of my designs as exclusive wearable art, since no two pieces are ever the same. I take old jewellery and recycled gold, silver or gemstones to recreate exquisite emotional heirlooms.
Every year I create a fine jewellery collection, as well as working for private clients. My designs have been exhibited in London, Munich and Malta, selling globally. My international awards include Malta’s Emerging Maker and two first prizes at the Maltese Smart & Sustainable Business Awards.


This ‘ Gordon Hill Sky’ pendant design is inspired by the contrast between the deep blue summer sky and this Gozo Hill. It is created using traditional repoussé to shape satin finished recycled sterling 925 silver sheet into a raised form. The Maltese glass offcut has been reworked and heated to create the perfect shape for this pendant. €400.
Approx. size: 5.5cm (2.25”) long including bail and 3cm
(1.25”) wide © Tara Lois Jewellery 2021.
This ‘Mussa Coral Ring’ is Inspired by endangered coral and the stunning colour of the Mediterranean Sea, this contemporary open ring will fit most finger sizes. Created by hand using 925 silver with modern filigree designs and sustainable lead-free vitreous enamel. 90.
Approx. size: w 3cm x l 3cm x h 1.5cm (over finger)
© Tara Lois Jewellery 2020.
‘Positiv Spaces Pendant’. COVID made us realise that even negative experiences make us value positives aspects of our lives. Created from a single ribbon of silver, the voids represent loss and isolation, while recycled Maltese glass represents the rainbow which came to symbolise our appreciation for key workers. €115.
Approx size: 9cm long x 2cm (widest)
© Tara Lois Jewellery 2020.

Weaving Malta

We use mostly maltese sheep wool and cotton in our products.  We work with different sizes and a beautiful mix of tones and colours. All of our items can be easily washed in the washing machine and are very hard wearing, long-lasting and sustainable.


Natural colours that go with everything in the house being rustic, classic or modern style.  Prices start from €15 (smallest size: 45cm x 70cm) up to €40 (largest size: 85cm x 135cm)  Other sizes are available and we also do custom sizes.
100% cotton bag – a chic look to your outfit €15.
Antoine and his intricate weaving machine.

Eco Marine Malta

EcoMarine Malta Ltd was fomed in 2018 with the aim of developing the first Sustainable marine life watching company in Malta.The founder, Patrizia Patti Patrizia has a Master’s degree in Marine Biology. She has worked in various international contexts both as a researcher and in outreach and dissemination. She founded a company in Italy in 2013, offering sustainable whale watching and ocean literacy for everyone. Ecomarine-Malta™ is the only tour operator in Malta offering sustainable and educational boat
experiences, dolphin watching, with an expert marine biologist onboard, whilst conducting scientific research to increase awareness and protect and conserve the dolphins living in Maltese waters.

VOUCHER Time with loved ones and friends is the best gift that anyone can receive. Share a unique day with them. Give them an unforgettable experience to live a in contact with nature and the sea. The coupon can be used for:
Marine life spotting tour €70
Filfla tour €85
Bio-sailing €100 euro
It is with great pride that we can now officially call on the public to adopt a pod of dolphins. When you adopt a dolphin we’ll tell you everything about your new friend. Choosing Dolphin Friend you will receive an E-mail Adoption Certificate. You will, also, receive our newsletter with all the news about the pod of Maltese dolphin you are contributing to study and protect.
Dolphin Friend – €15
Not everyone knows that there are seven different species of dolphins living in the Mediterranean sea. The Fin whale, the second largest animal in the world after the Blue whale, is also a species that lives here. The book, written by Claudia Fachinetti, narrates the story of cetaceans living in the Mediterranean Sea. With simple words, Claudia guides us into the beautiful world of bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, striped dolphins … Who are they? Well, reading the book you will find out.
Book ‘The Adventures of Federico and the dolphin Pinnetta’ 15

Jenny Juice Wear

I hand-make unique bohemian style fibre jewellery and hooded shawls and scarves. I love creating bold, original, revolutionary designs made using sustainable products and special pre-loved pieces. I collect anything beautiful and keep it for that perfect piece and explore the up-cycling of materials to create something that’s totally one-of-a-kind.

AND…to add a homely touch to my brand I’m making my favourite sweet snacks – chocolate cake, tahini cookies, granola, zucchini bread – dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free – guilt-free, healthy treats allowing you to have your cake and eat it! 

Cream hooded shawl made from cotton/wool/polyester mix €110 / Cotton choker €35
Grey hooded scarf cotton/wool/polyester mix €75
Fibre necklaces mixed with beads and metal  €45

Green Fingers Club

Green Fingers Club is a demonstration site to show that even the most depleted land can be regenerated into a forest. In three years, we have turned white dust into soil, started a beyond organic vegetable garden, and planted hundreds of young trees and counting! Everyone is welcome to come and learn, in return for a helping hand. The land is located at the challenging, yet breathtaking location of Fomm ir-Rih, Bahrija.

Thanks to people like you, we raise funds through CSR Team Building Activities, Workshops, Tree Adoptions and other sustainable methods, to continue planting more trees each year. Our income goes into planting and caring for hundreds of young trees and into exciting regenerative projects. We want to turn Fomm ir-Rih into a Forest !

Feel welcome to follow us on Facebook: Green Fingers Club Malta.

Our mission is to continue planting hundreds of trees per year, open Green Fingers Club as an educational site and arm citizens with knowledge to take action in greening back their own Community.
You can adopt a tree with your own customized name and recive your own Tree Adoption Certificate.
We organise team and family activities with various wellness workshops and a wholesome delicious lunch.

Crafty Jo

Hi, we’re Jo and Jo – 2 childhood friends with a passion for yarn and crafts.  We love to work with different techniques and experiment with various materials. Our products are made with natural fibers and where possible use recycled yarns and scraps. We crochet, cross stitch and macrame to create unique pieces. 

We recently started giving yarn craft sessions to pass on our love for these crafts and promote these among people of all ages – from young children to adults.

Unique macrame gnomes made with recycled cords. These fun decorations make a great addition to the tree and make lovely gifts to friends and loved ones. These gnomes may be customized. €13 each 
These crochet Christmas baubles are made with 100% cotton yarn and may be customized to fit in with different colour schemes. They are wonderful additions to a Christmas tree and make lovely gifts too. €13 each 
Sachets made using remnant fabric. A natural alternative to repel moths in your wardrobe or drawers. €5 – €7 (depending on size)


FAVE’s carefully curated products, including an amazing range of eco-friendly items for everyday use and special gift ideas.

Pasticcini Vegan

100% plant based and vegan delicioius treats.
Gluten free options available.

Your Kombucha

Your local Kombucha producer, serving raw, authentic Kombucha in glass.


ReRoot is a one stop shop for the eco-conscious. Whether you’re an eco warrior or just curious to see what eco swaps are out there we’re here for you! We stock plastic free, sustainable and eco-friendly products. We do all the work for you so you simply need to sit back and enjoy shopping with 100s of sustainable products to choose from. 

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