Free Activity: The Future of Mobility in Malta – Let’s Talk!

A Panel Talk in occasion of the EU Mobility Week (16-22 September)

“Everybody talks about his or her daily commute or current traffic experience. Ever wondered what the future of transport in Malta will look like? Join this panel talk for insights from experts in the industry, discover innovative mobility solutions and get answers to your mobility questions.”

Panel Members:

➡ Nicoletta Moss – Project Manager Future Mobility Solutions, Debono Group

➡ Nicole Klaesener-Metzner – Project Aegle Foundation

➡ Michelle Attard Tonna – Bicycle Advocacy Group

➡ Claire Ciancio – Greenroads Limited

➡ Matthew Bezzina – eCABS CEO

➡ Sebastian Ripard – Co-founder Fetch It

Sunday 22nd September – at 12 noon.
The Gaia Foundation, Conference Room, Ghajn Tuffieha

The panel talk is followed by a workshop on Sharing Economy. In a world with a fast growing economy, ever-diminishing resources, overly populated cities, and sky rocketing prices, a sharing economy seems like the way to go. Divided into five main sectors – transportation, finance, consumer goods, property, personal and professional services, share economies are popping up everywhere you look. But what does this mean for Malta? Are we ready to think about changing routines? Are we ready to impact positively our lives and others? Let’s talk about what is possible and what is not. Find practical examples and SHARE your ideas and thoughts.

This activity is part of the Eco Market September taking place during The Bubble Festival.

Free Entrance from Gaia Foundation gate.

The Eco Market is a Social Enterprise that aims to inspire and facilitate communities towards a more sustainable lifestyle primarily through conscious consumerism.

The Bubble is a non-profit festival in support of humanitarian and environmental causes.

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