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Incorporating environmental strategies is now a priority for every business. With the implementation of ESG policies, it will soon become obligatory. If you are an early adopter, and are looking for positive environmental actions for your business, you have landed on the right page and we’re excited to be assisting you!

Our services include Environmental CSR activities and Corporate Gifting solutions.

CSR activities

Our CSR activities are directly linked with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They typically include a day in nature learning and being inspired – from learning about marine life in the Mediterranean, to how to grow your own food, to group tree planting activity.

We are happy to arrange for an online coffee to explain our packages and how we can help you create a personalised solution.

Read more about our CSR activities or request our CSR activities portfolio.

Corporate Gifting

If you want your company to demonstrate more environmentally-responsible actions, choosing the right gifts is essential. We provide single gifts as well as curated gift boxes with products that mirror classic goods, but are ethically and sustainably made. A great way to show your organisation’s commitment to sustainability amongst peers, employees and customers.

Read more about our Corporate Gifting Products.

Why Environmental CSR?

Our planet is facing serious challenges. As climate change becomes more apparent and undeniable, there is a global effort for change. It is clear that we cannot go back to “business as usual”. Sustainability isn’t merely a matter of preference or good PR anymore, but a defining factor in a business’s commercial viability.

CSR is all about your stakeholders. It’s a great way to shape your company’s image and create a conscious community.

Enivronmentally-responsible companies are focused on minimizing their impact on, and protecting, the planet.

Environmental CSR activities can reduce business risks, improve reputation and provide opportunities for cost savings.

If you’d like to learn more, kindly get in touch!

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