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Welcome to the first post of the Eco Christmas Guide.

A short and sweet article, proposing some ideas to decorate your house in an Eco-conscious way. We don’t need more plastic stuff. The planet doesn’t need more plastic and single-use stuff. Here is an opportunity to start brainstorming ways to decorate and embellish your home in an original, stylish and sustainable way this Christmas!

There are two simple rules that I follow when it comes to any kind of Decor. First, choose a theme. Second, less is more.

Choosing a theme for Christmas is a personal choice, but if you want to know the most Eco-friendly way is to go with nature. Twigs, hollies, cinnamon sticks, leaves, flowers, petals, herbs, pine cones… they make faboulous wreaths and centre pieces.

They also add a beautiful touch to your existing home decor; a lantern, a candle-holder, a curtain rail, a vase, a frame… You can be creative and make your own ornaments for the Christmas Tree and around the house with these natural and organic pieces.

If you have kids, consider a mini craft session where they create their own ornament. They can write their name and the year on them, and it can become a beautiful yearly tradition to look forward to!

The internet is bursting with DIY crafts for Christmas. Make sure that your base material is something sustainable, such as wood or cloth. You can also make a myriad of decorations from old Christmas cards.

Finally, the lights. They create an amazing atmosphere and we all have them. This year, chose LED lights and only switch them on when really needed. There is no need to keep all the festive lights on all the time. Let the cables sleep at night too 🙂

We hope you found this article interesting and inspiring! Don’t forget to check out next week’s article about gifts!

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